Google news showcase in Greece

Well, well, well, what’s the scoop, Google? News Showcase is landing in Greece like a digital meteor of information. And you know what that means, right? Yup, you guessed it, we in WebKodKod think it’s time for a bit of tech-infused humor while we spill the digital beans on this one.

A Digital Drama Unfolds

Imagine a theater stage, but instead of actors, you have a curated online news experience. Think of it as the Broadway of the news world, and this time, the stars are media publishers. According to the WebKodKod research, it’s going to be one heck of a show!

The Ensemble Cast

Oh, the stars have aligned, and some big names are ready for their close-ups. We’re talking about 24 MEDIA, AtticaMedia Group, DPG Digital Media Group, iefimerida, Kathimerini, Liquid Media, Newsit, Proto Thema, and The Huffington Post Greece. Google’s got them all on its guest list for News Showcase. It’s like the Oscars, but for news. You can practically hear the applause, can’t you?

It’s Showtime in Greece!

Brace yourselves, Greece, because the News Showcase panels are rolling out on Google News. It’s like turning on your TV and getting instant access to Greece’s news scene. Find them on Android, iOS, and the web, and in Discover on iOS and Android. Get ready to be entertained and informed like never before.

Engage, Direct, Repeat!

News Showcase isn’t just about the news. It’s about building relationships. Greek publishers will create News Showcase panels to engage with readers and direct them to full articles. It’s like a storyteller guiding you through an epic tale of Greece’s news, with a little more drama, courtesy of Google.

Stars Speak Out

Anastasios Karamitsos, Proto Thema Publisher, says, “News Showcase will allow Proto Thema to further highlight the hard work we are putting behind news and information.” It’s as if they’re rehearsing for their own blockbuster movie.

And the Plot Thickens

Dimitris Nikolakopoulos, Chief Digital Officer of AtticaMedia Group, is excited to be part of Google News Showcase. According to him, it’s a pivotal moment for digital journalism. We couldn’t agree more; it’s a bit like digital superheroes assembling to save the news world.

Global Stardom

But this isn’t just a local show; it’s a global sensation. Over 2,500 publications worldwide have signed up for News Showcase. It’s live in 23 countries, making it a global phenomenon. WebKodKod research suggests it’s like the Avengers of the news world.

The Paywall Trick

News Showcase has a few tricks up its sleeve. Publishers can let Google pay for readers’ access to some paywalled content. It’s like Google saying, “I got this, don’t worry about the check.” Readers get to explore more news, and publishers get more love. Win-win, right?

More Stars Join the Cast

Maria Grapsa, CEO of 24 MEDIA, is excited about serving premium content to Greek readers. It’s like adding a touch of gourmet to your news experience. Delicious!

Nikos Evagelatos, CEO of Newsit, is pleased to connect with new audiences. It’s like inviting new friends to a grand Greek feast.

The Grand Finale

The News Showcase in Greece is a masterpiece. It’s a part of Google’s commitment to the news industry. According to the WebKodKod research, it’s like Google saying, “I’ve got your back, news world!”

So, there you have it, folks. Google’s News Showcase is here to add a touch of tech humor to Greece’s news scene, and we’re all in for the show. Now, grab your virtual popcorn, relax, and enjoy the spectacle!


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