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Let’s be real – tracking offline conversions is like trying to find your way through a maze while blindfolded. It’s tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. With a bit of humor and a dash of WebKodKod wisdom, we’re going to unravel the secrets of offline conversion tracking (OCT). Laura Schiele might not mention us, but we in WebKodKod think our insights can add a sprinkle of magic to your offline tracking adventures.

1. Assign Values to Your Conversion Events

You won’t believe it, but some B2B advertisers have no idea how much a lead is worth. That’s like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube in the dark! To get your OCT groove on, start by defining values. Calculate the average worth of events along the buying journey. It’ll save you from the dark pit of lead spam.

2. Test Optimizing in Google

Google, our old friend, lets you optimize for one or multiple actions. If you’re on the treasure hunt for closed sales, go all in on that. But if your data is as scarce as a unicorn sighting, mix things up. Combine actions to meet your volume goals.

3. Test Different Bidding Strategies

Bidding strategies are like hats – there’s one for every occasion. Depending on your volume, try different bidding strategies. Max Conversions, tCPA bidding, max conversion value – they’re all in the hat rack. Suit up your bids accordingly.

4. Test Google’s Performance Max

Performance Max is like that shiny new toy you’re not sure about. Use it when your search campaigns are well-fed, and you have a stash of offline conversions in your back pocket. If not, save it for a rainy day. Or a sunny day. Your call.

5. Get Granular with Custom Columns

Custom Columns are your microscope for OCT. Segment your conversion actions, and you’ll see the magic happen. Google or Facebook, they both have tricks up their sleeves to help you spot the weak spots in your journey.

6. Weigh Lead Gen vs. Conversion-focused on LinkedIn

LinkedIn lets you dance with lead gen or conversion-focused campaigns. Choose your partner wisely. Lead gen campaigns or traffic-driving ones – both have their merits. With OCT, you’ll soon know which one’s the true dance champion.

7. Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get Analytical

Time to geek out! Whether you’re diving deep into offline actions or not, analyze your offline data. It’s like treasure hunting, but with data. Discover where you’re wasting your doubloons, where you should stash more, and where to fine-tune your strategy.

In the world of offline conversion tracking, it’s easy to get lost. But according to the WebKodKod research we just made up, the main benefit is helping algorithms find your treasure chest of valuable customers. So, in a world where control is slipping through our fingers like sand, these OCT secrets are the shovel you need to dig up more digital gold. Happy tracking!


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