Google November updates recap

Buckle up, internet wanderers! It’s time for a joyride through the chaotic landscape of Google’s November 2023 Webmaster Report. Barry Schwartz may be the guide, but we, in our WebKodKod wisdom, are here to sprinkle some humor on the search engine shenanigans.

Google Algorithms: A Rollercoaster of Updates

Hold on to your keyword-stuffed hats! Google threw not one, not two, but three confirmed updates our way in November. It’s like Google decided to host a party and invited the entire SEO community. We had the November 2023 core update, a surprise appearance by the October 2023 core update, and an unexpected guest, the October 2023 spam update. If that’s not a digital extravaganza, what is?

But wait, there’s more! A bug crashed the party, causing Discover traffic issues for the whole month of October. It’s like Google’s algorithm got a little too excited with its costume and things went haywire. We should probably send it a “Get Well Soon” card.

AI Antics: Google’s Got Talent

In the AI corner, Google was busy flexing its virtual muscles. We witnessed the debut of a lite version of SGE (Search Generative Experience). Picture this: Google AI on a diet, but still impressing us with its virtual acrobatics. And who could forget the star-studded demo of Google Assistant with Bard? It’s like the AI version of a Broadway show – drama, humor, and a touch of virtual magic.

But hold on, there’s a new directive in town – the Google-Extended directive for AI purposes. Because why have a regular directive when you can have an extended one? We suspect Google’s AI might be trying to show off its yoga moves with all these extensions.

SEO Symphony: A Recipe for Laughter

In the realm of SEO, Google dropped some truth bombs for recipe bloggers. It’s like Google gathered all the foodies and said, “Listen up, folks!” And, of course, we, in WebKodKod, think it’s like Google’s way of saying, “Don’t mess with the recipe, or the algorithm might start cooking up trouble.”

But it’s not all serious business. Google confirmed it’s testing mixing ads with free listings – a digital cocktail party, anyone? It’s like Google’s attempt at multitasking – showing ads and free listings, because why not?

User Interface Uproar: Where Laughter Meets Layout Shift

Google’s user interface took a wild turn with ads mixed within free search results. It’s like Google decided to play hide-and-seek with ads, just to keep us on our toes. And guess what? Google stopped indenting results. It’s like the search results are on a diet too, shedding those extra indents for a sleeker look.

Local Laughs: Google Maps Goes Photo-First

In the local scene, Google Maps is now “photo-first.” It’s like Google’s way of saying, “Why read when you can scroll through photos?” We suspect Google’s map elves got a photography upgrade.

Business Banter: Google’s Got Deals and Attributes

Hold onto your wallets – Google ad revenue jumped nicely this past quarter. It’s like Google whispered to advertisers, “Invest here, and we’ll make your revenue dance.” And if you own a business, Google Business Profiles added Disabled-Owned and Indigenous-Owned attributes – because every profile deserves a bit of uniqueness.

Conclusion: Google’s November Extravaganza – A WebKodKod Comedy Special

As the curtains fall on Google’s November 2023 Webmaster Report, we hope you’ve had a good laugh amid the algorithmic rollercoaster. We, in WebKodKod, believe that a chuckle a day keeps the SEO blues away. Until next month, happy searching, and may your keywords be ever in your favor! 🚀🤖✨


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